Samurai Primer
Samurai Primer


Samurai Primer

– Good adhesion.
– Commonly used in the manufacturing process of toys, handphone casing and air-tight containers.
– Also recommended for use on aluminum and galvanized steel.
Directions for use:
1. Remove grease, dirt, rust, moisture or loose paint from the surface to be sprayed. Cover adjacent areas to protect from spray mist.
2. Shake can vigorously until metal agitator, moves freely for 1 minute. Remove plastic cap.
3. Hold can from a distance of 6-8" and point nozzle towards object to be sprayed.
4. Press nozzle firmly and move spray back and forth to deposit an even film of paint.
5. Clean nozzle immediately after use by turning can upside down and pressing nozzle for 5 seconds or until no more paint emerges.
6. If clogging develops, pull nozzle off and clean with thinner. Gently replace nozzle with a twisting motion while holding can away from you.

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