Samurai Sticker Remover


Quickly and effectively tear down sticky substances and other difficult to remove materials such as stickers, tape, etc.



  • Fast-acting formula.
  • Easily remove the adhesive without any damage to the surface.
  • For use on metal, glass, and plastic.


Samurai Paint Remover


  • It is a peeling-off and efficient remover, which is mainly used for removing the old layer of lacquer and paint to make them spray able.
  • It has such advantages as convenient applying, quick-acting, non-flammable and water clean-up.

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Samurai Flat Colours
Samurai Flat Colours

• Super Flexibility
• Non - Yellowing
• Non - Cracking
• Non - Sagging
• Good Adhesion
• Excellent Coverage
• Petrol Resistant
• Quick Drying It gives a smooth surface and free from shine and glossy.
Samurai Primer

– Good adhesion.
– Commonly used in the manufacturing process of toys, handphone casing and air-tight containers.
– Also recommended for use on aluminum and galvanized steel.
Directions for use:
1. Remove grease, dirt, rust, moisture or loose paint from the surface to be sprayed.

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Samurai Candy Colours

Samurai focuses on motorcycle repainting business as well as after market. Its products give the best finishing from custom painting to the original motorcycle colours painting. It is an advance spray paint formulation specially made for DIY fanatics to get the best finishing to the wide range of surfaces.

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